School education program

School education program

Experience the thrill of surfing with real surfers.
Our programs consist of personalised surf instructors on the beach and in the water. The focus of
our sessions is on water safety and surfing instruction while having fun.

Session Components

Our aim is to have the students standing up on the surf board and riding into shore, with the idea of progressing in confidence and skill each day. We stop for a 1 hour lunch break during the day.

  • Talk on dangers and risk management for the session.
  • Ocean awareness and water safety instruction on the beach
  • Stretching and warming up
  • The basics of surfing on the beach
  • Paddling and sitting on your board
  • Wave selection
  • Paddling for a wave
  • Popping to your feet
  • Surf etiquette


Salt Spray Surf School provides soft top surfboards and have long wetsuits (steamers) to use.

What to Bring:

Please make sure students bring 2 towels, warm clothes, sunscreen, a sun hat, a big lunch and lots of water.

Session Goals

  • Give students an overview on ocean water safety
  • Surf skills like paddling, catching a wave, standing up, riding a wave to the beach
  • Having fun and building confidence

Please note that we take groups of surfers out at a time(up to 12), so those
students not surfing will be the responsibility of the teacher in charge and parents.
There are some boogie boards available for the students who are not surfing.

Once booking has been made we will send out a registration form that needs to be signed by a
parent before student enters the water.

Book your school for an all day surfing extravaganza!!
For pricing and dates available for term 1 or 4 please contact Debs at 021 149 1972 or email at