Surf Camp
Published: September 12, 2022

Surf Training Body Weight Exercises to Maximise Your Surfing Power

After you become interested in joining a surf camp or becoming a surfer yourself, you might think that all you will need to do is grab a board and run to the water. But, once you try paddling out yourself, you’ll realise something very quickly – surfing is a full-body workout! You use nearly all […]

new zealand surfing
Published: November 15, 2021

Things to Keep In Mind When At a Surfing School

Surfing is a fantastic way to spend time outside, get some exercise and connect with the ocean. This fact is especially prevalent here in New Zealand, where surfing is a popular activity enjoyed by many. If you want to learn how to surf but are still a beginner, your best option is to join a […]

Published: September 23, 2021

Surfing Lessons – Why Professional Coaching Is Necessary To Learn Surfing

Surfing is a fantastic experience that many New Zealanders take part in every week. This fun and athletic activity lets people enjoy this country’s breathtaking beaches from a new viewpoint. If you have gone out and observed skilled surfers expertly riding the waves, you may have had the desire to join them. So, how do […]

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