About Us

Salt Spray Surf School was established in 2003 by local surf legend Bevan (Beaver) Porter and his partner Yvonne. Ever since then, when the Salt Spray Gazebo was set up on the Beachside at West End, Ohope Beach, Salt Spray has brought Surf Stoke into the lives of countless amounts of grommets, young and old!We operate out of the West End corner of the famous Ohope Beach. The Pohutukawa covered rocky point gives us a sheltered patch of ocean. The sheltered corner combined with the soft sand and shallow waters create gentle waves that, big or small, are easy to master the art of surfing on while still providing a thrill every time you stand up. We have a huge range of Surfboards and Wetsuits to cater to all shapes, sizes and level of surfer. Whether you want to join our 7 week progressive program, have a full beginner lesson, rent a board or get some higher level coaching we have you covered! Come down and see the team under the gazebo at West End. If you want to know more about our range of programs, dates and times please reach out to us through the contact page.


Meet the Team

We are a proud team of local surfers who have become qualified instructors to be able to pass on our love of the ocean to you!


I was introduced to the surf lifestyle in 2012 through a class surf lesson with Salt Spray Surf School. That was a pivotal point in my life where I remember thinking ‘this is what I am going to do for the rest of my days’ and so far, that has been true! From there I started to surf obsessively, becoming an instructor at Salt Spray in 2016 and then in 2018 I took over the business. Now I live my days at the beach all summer long, sharing my love for the ocean to absolutely anyone willing to give it a go. The ocean is a limitless environment where the potential and possibilities are endless, but surfing has gotta be one of the best possibilities there is!



Although Debs started surfing in her early 30’s she was no stranger to the ocean. Growing up in the Bay of Islands meant Debs lived in and around the ocean, especially though sailing and fishing. It wasn’t until she had her 3 children that Debs got hooked on surfing. The salt water has always run through my veins”, she says, “And now that I have started surfing, I will carry on for as long as I can.” Being stoked on surfing is part of an awesome addiction, and teaching others about the joys of surfing and the ocean bumps it up to another level.



He has been surfing for about 20 years and plans on doing so for as long as his body permits! He trains in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu which he is purple belt under Brad Kora and he is the kids BJJ trainer at the Whakatane mma centre. “To me surfing is more than a hobby or sport, its a spiritual experience, a way to reconnect with yourself and with nature. With that in mind Ohope beach is a perfect environment for me to play, work and teach people about the lifestyle of being a surfer :-)” – Toko



Growing up in the Bay of Plenty has giving Jack many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. He enjoys tramping, hunting, fishing and above all else surfing.Jacks summer revolves around surfing and teaching others to surf.



When he is not in the water, he loves to adventure race, running, mountain biking, Fishing and in summer, spear fish. Basically anything out doors, he doesn’t spend much time inside. He loves teaching people to surf because of the pure enjoyment they get out of the experience..“It is very cool to be able to share with others who may not usually get the chance to try things like this the lifestyle and family vibe that comes with surfing. It makes me appreciate how lucky we really are to be able to live in the place we live and do what we do.”– Jared



Born with a love of water. I have fond memories of being rolled about on the shingle beach of Napier as youngster. I progressed through surf life saver ranks before taking up a position managing production in a factory. The little voice in my head said it was time to return to the water and I did. Using analytical techniques from my production years I work to improve swimmers and surfers (working as a Learn to swim coach and a Surf Instructor) in a fun but Safe environment. If this sounds a little serious it probably is. I am a renowned prankster. I surf myself whenever I get the chance, often in conditions others walk away from. The boards I ride usually resemble Frankenstein with an alternate shape or fin set up to your standard board. I am out there to have fun!!! and am stoked to share my water passion and progressions with everyone!!


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